Coronavirus Concerns

Coronavirus Concerns

With the growing concerns and expanding corona virus cases throughout the United States, Landrum Veterinary Hospital would like to address any pet concerns you may have.  We would also like to offer some preparedness ideas for your pet if you or your family end up quarantined. 

Let us state very clearly: There is NO evidence of pets acquiring and passing on the corona virus to people.  If you heard about the pet case in China, the 17 year old Pomeranian never showed symptoms.  This is the positive only case worldwide in a pet.  DO NOT ABANDON YOUR PETS!

Rather, practice good hygiene by washing your hands before and after petting your animals. Do not let them lick you.  Do not kiss them.  These are all the same things mothers have told their children for centururies.  Time to follow mom’s advice.

We do recommend that you acquire one month of your pets’ medication in case of quarantine.  The same advice goes for food.  If your pet is on a prescription diet, please call 864-457-3351 or email to give us a “heads up” so we can be sure to have your orders ready. 

We are more than happy to come to the car and pick up your pet to limit your exposure to others in the clinic.  We can communicate to you in the car by phone if that is more comfortable to you.

Please note, we are instructing employees to immediately self quarantine if any corona virus signs appear until they are cleared by a human physician.  Please know the care to prevent your pets from infectious diseases extends to you in our desire to keep your exposure to a minimum. 

Our last piece of advice will be the easiest to follow.  Use extra time at home to enjoy spending time with your pet.  Our pets are proven by research to lower our blood pressure and calm distress.  Now is the time to teach those old dogs new tricks and appreciate those silent angels in our life.

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  • Dennis Gunter January 12, 2023 at 7:12 pm Reply

    Re: KC
    My sincere appreciation and gratitude to Dr. Osborne and the vet techs who performed surgery on my Pug KC yesterday to remove a benign growth on his eyelid which had been a source of irritation for a while. You practice Your values of dedication, teamwork, and accountability. Thank-You.

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