Alternative Medicine

Chinese Herbs and acupuncture are effective either alone or as part of an integrative treatment plan. We keep an extensive inventory of herbs or may special order less common herbal combinations depending on your pets needs.

Chinese Herbs
Certified Acupuncturists
K-Laser Therapy

Landrum Veterinary Hospital Care Benefits

Acupuncture is used to treat many health conditions. Our most common treatments are for arthritis pain, neurologic conditions, and motion sickness. Acupuncture needles cause minimal discomfort and most pets are calm throughout the session. The veterinarian may use an aquapuncture technique by injecting a liquid B vitamin into a point or electrostimulation using a small painless current to stimulate multiple points.

We frequently use cold laser for painful and inflammatory conditions. Our K-Laser can produce results in the first three treatments for most pets. It has been shown in studies to increase blood flow to soft tissues and reduce pain in both soft tissue and orthopedic conditions.